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FAQ Page

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  • Do You Accept Health Insurance/Extended Health Benefits?

    Yes, I do! When you come for your visit bring your insurance card and doctor’s note (if your insurance requires one for massage).

  • Do You Provide Direct Billing?

    Yes, I do! I will charge your insurance company directly after your session to ensure payment goes through.

  • What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

    As a cancellation fee I will charge your full appointment time for no-shows or appointments canceled within 24 hours.
    I do understand that unexpected events occur (i.e. emergencies, illness, etc.) and do take them into consideration before charging you, but otherwise it will not be tolerated.


    At the arrival of your first appointment, a card will be placed on file and if for any reason there is a no-show or cancelled appointment within 24 hours your card will be charged the full amount for the appointment.

  • Do You Run Discounts And Promos?

    Various promotions run all year long, follow my socials on facebook and Instagram to keep up with them!

  • Does “Deep Tissue” Massage Hurt?

    Deep tissue massage can make you feel sore after the session due to the nature of the massage. This may last for 24-48 hours but you will never experience excruciating pain or bruising.

  • What Is Medical Acupuncture?

    Medical acupuncture is a form of acupuncture that targets nerves, joints, tendons, and muscles to provide relief and restore function to the body systems targeted.
    Click the link below to learn more about this service!

  • What Should I Wear For My Massage?

    Undergarments are mandatory but otherwise you can wear whatever level of clothing you are comfortable with.